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Atomata provides easy to use sensors so growers of all experience levels can improve their grow



Unlock Actionable Insights In Your Grow

Browse granular data points across multiple key variables like ambient temperature, soil temperature, humidity, moisture-content, and more in a lightweight, intuitive dashboard. With advanced intelligence and analytics tools, you'll not only get a comprehensive historical overview on the performance of your crop, but also the guidance you need to identify weaknesses and opportunities in your process.

Wireless Sensors

Robust Wireless Sensors

Say Goodbye to Manual Data Entry

A constellation of sensors work 24/7 to relay high fidelity data to a central atmospheric hub over Bluetooth. The hub wirelessly delivers data directly to your dashboard while proactively collecting data to overcome any temporary network disconnections. Also, with year-round battery life, Atomata sensors will become a reliable tool for the life of your grow.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Live Updates Directly to You

Monitor your grow on the go with live feeds, updates, and operation alerts directly to your iOS or Android device. Integrated messaging will allow growers to relay vital information to owners, and veteran growers to keep a close eye on every plant. Daily summary reports ensure you can project your returns weeks in advance.

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Learn how you can maximize yields with access to untapped data on your operation

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